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The garage door repair tips that all clients should not miss. Simplified and summarized for readers.

Garage door sizing

Garage doors are readily available in a number of standard sizes. To properly assess your requirements, you need to accurately measure the width and the height of the opening. You will find the sizes of the doors listed as their width then their height. If you have an overlarge opening height, you may require a model of door which has additional panels to increase it above standard size.

Getting the right measurements is of utmost significance but you must always take into consideration any alterations in the garage before you make the replacement. For example, if you have reconstructed the garage area and enlarged the garage door, you will need to look for far too many replacements apart from the door. The size of the door would also determine its weight and, these days, most doors are usually thicker since they are insulated. You must also take into account whether the current springs and the garage door opener are both sufficient in terms of their power to lift the new door. In any other case, you will need to replace them, too. It's the only way to avoid problems due to the new size of the door.

Replacing tracks with your new garage door

Many homeowners will attempt to reuse their existing tracks when they install a new door. This is rarely a good idea as garage doors are optimized to use certain types of track. Garage Door Repair Auburn suggests looking at it as a good opportunity to replace worn tracks and ensure your system works as effectively and safely as possible. You may also find that using a track which is not recommended could cause problems to your door.

Garage door tracks come out in different lengths and widths in order to fit different garage doors. If you get a new door, the rollers might not fit in the tracks because they would differ in size as well. The size of the rollers would depend on the size and weight of the door but, sometimes, consumers would get larger ones for more efficient movement. Besides, tracks may be damaged or old and old tracks were not made of galvanized materials as they are today and that's why they used to rust. Basically, you will need to choose the door first and then make sure to get the right garage door rollers, which match to the right tracks.

Reasons for keeping garage doors in tip-top shape

Garage doors do not merely serve as a covering for the garage. They serve many significant purposes pertaining to the privacy, security, and protection of your premises and your family as well. That gives you more reasons to ensure that your unit is working fine all the time. You would not want to put your family’s safety on the line. Would you?

Replace the belt to reduce noise

If you notice that the opener of your garage door is just too noisy, replacing the belt is a good option to reduce the noise. If you are simply annoyed by the sound, other options include adding ceiling insulation or perhaps thickening the padding of the carpeted areas of the garage. This will reduce the entrance of noise to the home.

Keep garage door parts clean

Lubrication is not the only thing homeowners can do to maintain their garage doors. Garage door repair Auburn professionals have found that you can clean the door using a piece of soft cloth and a mixture of mild detergent and warm water. Car wax also provides some protection against dirt and moisture.

Get new age garage doors

Follow the new trends and get modern electric garage door openers, which are safer and have more features and accessories. Though, it's also good to buy garage doors of the latest productions so that you will find replacement parts if you need to change some after a few years. Older ones are harder to find.

Know how things are supposed to work

One reason for garage door damage or malfunction is the wrong way of using its functions. Make sure you know how to operate the garage door properly by reading the manual or instructions. Also, do not try to operate it in ways it is not intended to work.

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