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Get the right information with these FAQs for garage door repair. The details that you didn’t know. Here you will find the answers you've been searching for about all matters regarding different garage door systems.

What maintenance is required for modern roller garage doors?

For these types of doors, Garage Door Repair Auburn suggests that you refrain from using harsh chemicals. Rather, use mild solutions. Then, when cleaning, wipe from side to side, then from top to bottom. After cleaning, your garage door will certainly look brand new. Also, it is recommended to unplug the doors after every three months.

Which openers are more expensive?

The cost of garage door openers would depend on the brand and their capacities, horsepower and special characteristics. The most expensive openers would be the bigger and stronger ones, which have maximum 1 horsepower when the average is ½ hp. A belt drive garage door opener would be a bit more expensive than a screw or chain one but the final price will also be determined by the safety features and accessories you would add.

What should I know about my garage door springs?

A garage door torsion spring has a life span of 10,000 cycles that can be upgraded. A spring is likely to last for about 7 years on an average depending on its usage. If there are more than one spring and if one happens to break, then it is possible that all springs need to be replaced.

How do I open my door by hand?

You can open your garage door by hand by releasing the operator. You can do this by pulling the release cord down. You should do this when the door is closed. If you are doing this with an open door, you should take extra precaution to avoid slamming the door close.

Is there a chance I'll keep the door for long?

Garage doors are designed to last for decades and they'll last even longer if you take good care of them. So, learn which are the best treatments and varnishes for your material and devote some time to take care of them. Also make sure you maintain your door at least annually and take care of parts. Lubrication maintenance also helps.

How is a torsion spring lubricated?

If there is sticky dirt on the coils, it is removed using the mildest non-corrosive solvent and soft cloth or brush. Choose lubricant approved or recommended by the door manufacturer. Apply it evenly on all sides of the spring along its entire length. A thin layer of lubricant is sufficient.

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