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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage Door MaintenanceThe more you do regular garage door maintenance, the longer your garage door will last. Regular maintenance, lubrication, and adjustment will allow you to get the most from your garage door for the longest period of time. If you are doing regular maintenance on your garage door you will find problems much faster. This will allow you to distinguish between the problems you can fix yourself and the problems that will need to be repaired by the professionals at the Auburn garage door company.

One of the easiest things you can do for garage door maintenance is to clean it on a regular basis with a soft car brush and mild soap at the beginning of each season. By cleaning your garage door on a regular basis you can lower the buildup of things that can cause corrosion. If you have a wood garage door you will need to do the garage door maintenance that is recommended by the manufacturer. If you are unsure what these garage door maintenance steps are, one of the experts, at the Auburn garage door company, can assist you.

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One of the best things you can do for your garage door is to apply lubrication on a regular basis to all parts that move. At minimum of one time a year, you should apply light weight lubrication to all the moving parts or have the professionals, from the Auburn garage door company, do it for you. You need to be sure all parts that move receive lubrication, including the hinges that are responsible for holding the rollers in their track, the center hinges that pivot when the door is moved, and the pivot joints themselves. Also all springs need to be coated in lubrication at least once a season.

During the lubrication process you can check out all the hardware that make up your garage door system. This is the perfect opportunity for you to perform the necessary garage door maintenance your system needs. When the hardware receives repeated use, it tends to make the garage door loose. If any of the screws, nuts, or bolts are loose, they will need tightened. You can do this yourself or, if you are more comfortable with a professional doing your regular maintenance, call the Auburn Garage door company.

If you are having issues with your garage being too drafty, regular garage door maintenance can assist with this issue, too. Sectional and roller garage doors should come with weather stripping, a rubber strip at the bottom. This weather stripping can become cracked and broken allowing in drafts during cold weather. During your regular garage door maintenance check, be sure to inspect the weather stripping thoroughly. If it is broken or cracked, it will need to be replaced. You can do this yourself or let the experts, at the Auburn garage door company, do it correctly.

If you want to achieve maximization of energy efficiency with your garage door, let the professionals, at the Auburn Garage door company, replace your existing garage door with an insulated one. This will keep your garage at a regular comfortable temperature and save you a great deal of money. Insulated doors are also water sealed and will require less regular maintenance.

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