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Garage Door Cable Tracks

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Garage Door Cable TracksIf you are having trouble opening or closing your garage door you will need to trouble shoot the garage door cables and tracks. If you have an electric opener, you may need to use the emergency release to open the door. With the opener bypassed you will have to open and close the door manually. If you are still having trouble opening and closing the door, you may want to look at the actual hardware and garage door tracks. The door could be off the tracks or you may need to repair a bent garage door track. If it works fine manually, then you may have a cable snapped, loose, or broken. An expert from the Auburn garage door company will be able to assess the exact problem quickly and easily.

Repairing a garage door cable, whether it be a broken cable, a cable snapped, a loose cable, or a cable off the drum, can be trickier than you think. Also the springs in the garage door need to be handled with care. Springs can cause serious injury, so it may be better to let one of the professionals, at the Auburn garage door company, do the repairs to the garage door cables and springs. If you are going to do any type of garage door cable repair, you need to make sure that the garage door is closed when you do it. In some cases, like when you have a loose cable, you might be able to make the garage door cable repair by simply shortening the length of the cable to remove all the slack.

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You will also need to have the garage door closed, if you are replacing a broken cable or if a cable snapped. Removing the broken cable and replacing it should be a fairly straightforward task. You just have to be sure there is the right amount of tension once you are done replacing the broken cable. If you are unsure of how much tension is the right amount, you should let a professional, from the Auburn garage company, do the garage door cable repair for you.

If you have already done the work and need it checked, the Auburn garage door company can help there, too. To check your work you will want to make sure there is a good deal of distance between the garage door and yourself before you open it, fifteen feet should be plenty. This will give you some protection in case you did not install the garage door cable correctly and a cable snaps or a spring breaks.

Of course, damaged tracks can also cause problems and explain why the door is not operating properly. Being able to get a garage door back on its track can take patience and time. If you do not have one or the other, you need to call the Auburn garage company to do your garage door track replacement. They can also help, if the garage door track is bent. Some people may want to try and bend a track back into the right position, but if not done correctly it can actually cause more damage. Most of the times, it is best just to replace a garage door track and not repair it.

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