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Things You Did Not Know About Electric Garage Door

09/09/2013 Back To Blog

There are many things out there that we think we are on top off and that we think we have fully figured out but as it appears we know very little or even nothing about. Let’s take for example electric garage doors. We all know how electric garage doors look alike, most of us have electric garage doors on our homes and basically we know how to control the garage door, what their main purpose is and what is the point of this whole mechanism. We also know how to recognize the difference between well operating electric garage door and poor operating garage door, a notion that falls more under the category of common sense than actual knowledge on the matter but even so. Some more advanced individuals know how to perform minor repairs.

First electric garage door

Things less important and less relevant to great majority are the historical facts behind the electric garage door. Most of us do not know that the fist electric garage door is almost one hundred years old and that it was invented in Indiana by the C.G. Johnson. Now even though this great man's name is rarely mentioned in history books he really did do a great thing for all of us all over the world making our lives more comfortable and simpler. Nevertheless, like many other amazing things and great inventions, electric garage door did not become popular right away but some twenty years after. Only at the end of the Second World War the possibility of locking the garage door with just simple press on a key pad was finally recognized and welcomed, first by one Chicago’s garage door company that launched them on the garage door industry market and then by the rest of the world.

Electric garage door opener misbelieves

Lots of people erroneously believe how the electric garage door openers are directly involved with heavy lifting of the garage door panels and relative constructions but in fact they are only responsible for deciding to what extent the garage door will open or close. For this reason each electric garage door comes with quick release option and mechanism that is used to disconnect the garage door from the electric opener in case of an emergency or in some other cases when the manual operation of the garage door is required.

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