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The Latest Genie News

Any innovative idea that will make a difference either in the convenience of people or their safety is definitely welcomed. Garage Door Repair Auburn follows the development of the Genie garage door opener systems in order to be able to inform clients efficiently and train its technicians for garage door repair services. Genie is at the top of the list of electric opener manufacturers for the simple reason that it produces first-class quality opener systems and accessories. One more reason for its great reputation is the fact that it keeps making efforts to find innovative ideas on how to enhance the safety of people, and that's extremely significant when it comes to electric garage door openers.The Latest Genie News

Safety works two ways. On one side, all Genie garage door openers work with the intellicode access security system, which changes the code every single time the door is activated. This rolling code system will keep you safe when you are entering your home since nobody else can have access to your codes. On top of that, Genie protects people from entrapment with its known safe T-beam system. This system works in multiple ways and complies completely with the UL 325 guidelines. It will reverse the door upon contact, but it will also reverse it when the beams sense someone or an object under the door without coming in contact. It will also reverse the door in 30 seconds if the panel still hasn't reached the floor.

New safety systems by Genie

So, what's new with Genie? Lately, the company announced the introduction of the new monitored retro-reflective photo eye for commercial openers. It's already listed by the UL 325 and approved for all standard, medium and heavy duty commercial openers. The difference is that it's a single sided photo eye wired only to one side of the door and needing no wiring and power on the opposite side since it works with a polarized reflector. It's also designed to recognize the polarized reflector and doesn't get confused with the reflection of the sun.

Of course, safety is also a matter of having the right garage opener remote. Apart from the intellicode technology, Genie now introduces the Closed Confirm remote. Sometimes, people's safety is subject to their memory. The security of their house might be at stake if the overhead door is left open. The Closed Confirm clicker has come to rule this possibility out – as its name suggests. The remote will notify you whether the door has closed properly. It will simply beep and the green light will go on when the door is closed well but it will make another sound and the red light will come on if the door hasn't closed properly. It's the best way to have peace of mind as you're driving away from your home. Of course, you'll always have peace of mind as far as your electric garage system is concerned when you trust the expertise of our company. Don't hesitate to call us if you want to learn more!



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