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Garage door materials

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Garage doors are often not paid much attention.  We use them every day; they are an important part of the aesthetics of a home. Yet, we don’t know much about them. Architects and contractors often fall under the group of people that decide which type of garage door will work best for the specific use or theme of a house. If you’re not one of these people but would like to know more or just expand your knowledge, then reading this might just be able to teach you a couple of things about garage door materials.

1. Wood

The wooden door is a classic, it looks elegant, feels stylish and creates a unique atmosphere for any type of home. Wooden doors are more expensive because they are made from natural wood. There is a wide variety of different types of wood one can choose from.  The door can also varnished and stained to ensure you get the color you’re looking for. Wooden doors are not recommended in humid and wet areas.

2.  Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel is often used for industrial and heavy duty garage doors. These doors are also more expensive but last a long time. They are the sturdiest doors on the market. Steel doors are not recommended for coastal areas if not treated properly before fitment.

3. Fiberglass

The most common garage door material, as it is found almost everywhere. Fiberglass doors are versatile and easy to work with. They door weighs much less than steel or woodpace. There are a wide variety of styles available that are pre-painted. Fiberglass doors are not as sturdy as wood or steel so if you’re planning to put your door through its paces then fiberglass is not recommended. Fiberglass doors can be used in any type of environment and is the cheaper alternative.

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