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What Springs To Get

11/28/2014 Back To Blog

Selecting the right garage door springs is harder than you think. It only gets easier if you know exactly the type and size of springs installed at home and you haven't made any changes that increased the weight of the door. Springs carry most of the burden of the door's weight and that's why it is important to get the right ones. In some instances, people have discovered that the springs already installed at their house were not the appropriate ones and were breaking easier. In some other occasions, garage doors might work fine with a certain type of springs but then again they could have been working better if they would have two sets of extension garage door springs or two torsion springs.

Do yourself a favor and check what kind of springs you need

Knowing the requirements of your overhead door or any other type of door is definitely the first and most crucial determinant for the choice of springs. Since these parts are requested to lift but also keep the door steady when it is opened, they must have sufficient power. In fact, their force must be equivalent to the force of the door. If the panel puts force equivalent of 500 pounds, springs ought to have the same amount of power. In this context, their wire size and inside diameter won't be the same. As the door gets bigger and heavier, the sizes will increase accordingly.

Usually one car garages need one torsion spring, but wider doors with greater demands will require two torsion springs. In this case, it's important to pay attention to the winds of the springs. The left must go right and vice versa since the coil of the left will turn clockwise and the right counterclockwise and this is important for the winding and unwinding of the springs when the door is opening and closing.

Getting the right size of springs is very important. If the extension springs are too short, they won't stretch and the door will remain open. If the coils are not thick enough and the inside diameter is small whereas the door is heavy, the coils will break. It's also significant to install safety cables along with the extension overhead door springs to ensure that they won't whip should they suddenly snap. Getting the right springs is not a matter of serious thinking, but merely a matter of remembering that springs ought to match your needs!

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